F!rst P0st (aka What is This)

This log's talk about software reversing on Mac OS X; disassembling, debugging, a bit of coding and other kinds of stuff that may fit.

As I come from a "Windows School of Reversing" (greets to ORC+, Fravia, Spath and Frog's Print - you've showed me the light through the bits), I'll mainly do x86 binary reversing (thanks my employer for my new MacBook) but a lot of concepts should apply to PowerPC OSX Reversing as well (obviously not the ASM part).

As it's stated in my blog's subtitle, a lot of tools than you may need for reversing softwares on OS X are free (even already installed on your Mac!). All you need is some target, work and a lot of practice. I may add than I "quit" Windows softwares cracking some 8 years ago (if you are old enough, you may have guessed from my greetings line above which "school" I did attend to...) because I found it to be a dead-end alley (i.e. commercial protections, massive use of "envelope encryption", more work and less fun to just "study" a software) and I simply loose interest in the platform. Since then I've switched to GNU/Linux and Mac OS X and won't look back. OSX's in a golden age for application reversing.

Next posts will contain the few links/pages than I've found about OS X reversing, the tools that you may find useful and after that I'll start with the first "essay" of a software patching from A to Z.

Obviously English's not my first language, so feel free to correct my mistakes.

Happy Patching!

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